CP100 Semi-Automatic Powder Check Weigh System

The CIMATEK CP100 is our solution to the control of powder weighing.

The system is designed to minimize the change in work practices for the typical dye or powder weighing operator.  The operator scans a ticket, the system consults the database and gives a list of the dyes/chemicals to weighed. The system has indicator lights over the containers of dye stuff, when a certain dye is to be weighed a light will turn on. The system guides the operator as to the correct amount based  on the tolerance specified. The target weight is shown as well as the range of acceptable weight. When the correct amount is reached, the color changes to green, the operator confirms and an optional receipt is printed.  The database is updated and the next item can be weighed.


  • Famous brand scales such as Mettler and AND are supported
  • Up to 3 scales can be used, to cover from very small samples to large samples
  • Remote on line diagnostics
  • Unique design,  304 stainless steel cabinet
  • Able to interface to any customer ERP system
  • Bar-code Scanner
  • Optional operator indicator lights
  • Optional Printer for receipts
  • Large easy to use buttons to confirm, skip or cancel weighing
  • Fan-less industrial grade computer system for high reliability
  • UPS power supply