CG100 Liquid Chemical Dispenser

The CIMATEK CG100 is our gravimetric solution for liquid chemical dispensing. The system comprises of a cabinet with all the components integrated. The cabinet contains the dispenser controller, bar code reader, receipt printer, solenoid valves, scale, operator buttons, drip trays, bucket sensors and  chemical valves.

The system accurately measures the liquid chemical into a container, issues a receipt and then prompts the operator for the next container. At the end of the job, the drip trays are closed and all the valves are rinsed with water.


  • Reduced chemical usage through exact weighing.
  • Savings in range between 5% to 15%
  • Jobs are more consistent and repeatable
  • Right first time improved
  • Re-do reduced because of incorrect weighing
  • Promotes a cleaner and safer work environment
  • Accurate stock control
  • Demonstrates to customers that you care about quality by using modern high technology equipment
  • Savings start as soon as turn on the system
  • Short payback period


  • Cycle consists of measure chemical, print receipt, and at the end of the job all valves are rinsed into the drip tray to remove any residue.
  • Simple and clear easy to use user interface
  • Sensors to ensure that chemical is delivered into the containers
  • Comprehensive software with reports and management of operations
  • Flexible chemical storage layout, can use Industrial Bulk Containers (IBC) or chemical drums or what ever container the customer has.


  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Centralised dispenser controller
  • Large area laser bar code reader
  • 18.5 ” LCD screen
  • Scale 30kg +/- 5g
  • Large area laser bar code scanner
  • Gravimetric measuring method
  • Number of chemicals 8-24
  • Number of 1/2″ pumps, 1 per chemical
  • UPS
  • Dot Matrix printer
  • industrial PC control with EtherCAT I/O